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Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk Drivers Cambodia

Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk Drivers Cambodia is one of the main keys that all of the local and oversea tourists can not be missed or ignored them if you are planed to visit the most interested and ancient of Angkor Wat temple archaeology compounds, then let go with a long year, experienced and knowledgeable tuk tuk driver. Hello everyone, my name is Pov and I am living Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat temples “Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia” for entire life till now. And currently, I am working as a well English spoken Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk driver in Siem reap for decades. My tourism service has been offered to all peoples around the world since it was 2000 and i can also said, I know worldwide’s cultures within the working experience through as a private Tuk Tuk driver/guide to go around the world’s biggest religious monument by land area, on a site measuring 162.6 hectares. On the other hand, I am still able to stay closer to world traditional and i can also make friends to peoples who from difference countries within difference color and cultures. Overall, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat Temples is one the most world tourist destinations which is listed by the world popular websites like TripAdvisor Viator and more… Then thinking of traveling to Southeast Asia regions then old ancient temples is a must visited site, Siem Reap is the number one and things to see for the old ancient temples among the 10 difference countries in the  regions. Moreover, if you are going to inside the world’s monument religious it needs you to get an authentic Angkor Wat temples insider then please don’t forget me “the real insider, Angkor Wat Tuk Tuk Drivers”. I am Pouv, the real local insider for the region of Siem Reap’s old and modern things as I claimed above i am very professional local guide in speaking, driving and also listening, guiding national and international customers to go to through to see things that you wanted to look so far. Empty “customers” is standing infront of the one old temples  it’s among temple tours, the temple is called Bayon “temple” Need me to serve you as your private guide to go to those ancient things then feel free to contact me @ [email protected]