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Cambodia shooting Club Phnom Penh

Cambodia shooting Club Phnom Penh is one of the upcoming and up visiting tourist activities and mostly overseas tourists visit the shooting range at same of Phnom Penh sightseeing tour. The Cambodia Shooting Ranges Club Phnom Penh is located around Phnom Penh and outside of the city and it’s open everyday The gun shooting range business is welcomed to all the worldwide tourists to come and have some gun shooting like riffle and pistol, it’s for indoor shooting club Phnom Penh Here is bellow the video of Cambodia Shooting Ranges Outdoor Phnom Penh, the range is allowed to play all day time and all day or half day. they have big and small armed and the small gun is started from pistols, ak47 and more, the big and heavy weapons are RPG “Rocket launcher Bazooka”. look, what kind of gun that the customer was shooting ? and how much did he enjoy Www.CambodiaTG.Com Www.TourGuidesCambodia.Com Www.CambodiaShootingRanges.Com Www.WowCambodiaAdventures.Com Www.CambodiaFireRange.Com Www.CambodianDrivers.Com Www.WowCambodiaTour.Com