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Cambodian English Freelance Interpreter Translator

Hello Everyone, Thanks for spending your valuable time to visit me and our online business group, and this team is a selected group member of  Cambodian English Freelance Interpreters-Translators. this is pho, I am a freelancer English Interpreters-Translators and Cambodia Interpreters-Translators and also an expert of well english spoken tour guide to Cambodia. actually, I have run the job as oral interpreter since my English bachelor degree completely ended in 2012. I like my works to go to through my beloved country at rural communities and conference rooms and i also don’t like to wear coats with ties, it’s felt hot if i got on me
Cambodian English Freelance Interpreter Translator

Pho, working spending spare time to enjoy cold beers at seaside, Sihanoukville’s Koh Rong Island of Cambodia

  The experience with the work as a private English Cambodian translator and interpreter with several projects and it depended on the request of customers wants to everyone who is looking for freelancer guy as i mentioned above to go to Cambodia for any works or the works related to Cambodia Laws like lawyer then feel free to have questions to me then i will be very happy to assist you all of circumstances