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Phnom Penh English Tour Guides

Welcome Phnom Penh English Tour Guides! Hello everyone, I am Chany,  a private and local English tour guide to go to around Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The job as a professional English speaking guide has started since I finished my English bachelor degree and then short course of tour guide school, 2014 then I have begin the speaking job for entire past years till now.

Every year, I have provided my Cambodia tourism business service to everyone who have been visited the kingdom those of the peoples are from difference countries within multiple cultures and day by day I have met those of the multiple cultures peoples. Currently, I can say I am studying English ‘slangs’ with native speakers who is not from same countries, sure I have met English native countries and not native peoples from all over the world


The photo between me and oversea customers on a trip to hill top around countryside of Phnom Penh, then feel free take a look at their smiley face it was telling me and others about their feeling that they have been enjoyed my tour service so far, since the start. Tour has left since early morning and we drove straight to a historical and mountainous, it’s called Udoung hill. to reach the site it needs to spend approximately 2 hours from city

Chany, your one of top ten private english tour guides to Phnom Penh and around Cambodia

Thinking of having a trip to Phnom Penh of Cambodia and then you would like to know more about the city insider and across the country, you need to have a local and Private Phnom Penh English tour guides because the personal tour guide can help you to go to right place then it can explain you about things happened in past


Here is Chany more than happy to help all for things that related to how/when/where to travel around cities of Cambodia “it’s not only Phnom Penh”. And it’s all tourism things. please don’t be hesitate to question me. I can be contactable at the following Email bellow

More details please feel free contact, Call+WhatApp +85578777908 Email: [email protected]