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Phnom Penh Private English Tour Guide Cambodia

To understand the inside of a region or a country culture then let get a hired local and professional tour guide to escort you while you are on your traveling or working missions.   Welcome to Phnom Penh Private English Tour Guide Cambodia, let our group introduce our job as a private English speaking guides. Tour guide is the works to show group of peoples round attractions such as historic monuments, cultural centres and beauty spots, and provide them with background information to help them make the most of their visit. We may work with day-trippers or on walking tours, or support tourists on longer visits that involve overnight stays, perhaps to rural or remote locations. Tour guide jobs sometimes also call for chauffeuring and language skills. Typical responsibilities included. What we claimed is our daily working

Chany, your one of top ten private english tour guides to Phnom Penh and around Cambodia

Having a good and private local tour guide is a great choice and it’s to understand to the places’s inside within cultures is a good thing to do and then after the holiday completely finished, then you are understand a lot about the countries of the regions. Thinking of coming around to Cambodia for your holiday or working conditions then feel free get some to CambodiaTG.Com “Cambodia Tour Guides” or TourGuidesCambodia.Com then we are more than happy to reply to all your questions. Furthermore, we are the group of very long working Tour Guides Cambodia in the Cambodia Tourism Industry.
More details please feel free contact, Call+WhatApp +85578777908 Email: [email protected]