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Shopping russian central market phnom penh cambodia

What can you buy in here at phnom penh shops ? Actually, shopping is the last day or last minute for you as oversea travelers and there are some several local markets in the city, the preferable markets for expats or oversea tourists are the Russian or the central market of phnom penh of Cambodia. The market is open from sunrise till lat evening and everyday is business hours. bargains is the best way before buy things at the Russian market, other markets and mostly all stuffs are good and cheap to buy like, foods, drinks and materials like, ice coffee, grilled banana, elephant pants, fried creepy crawlies, crickets, silkworms, ceramics, woodwork, Khmer scarves, woven silk and more….

things can be easily found at the Russian are bags, books and more… pictured

All kinds of tourist souvenir stuffs can be found at several tourist markets but it to be curious on the tourist things then Russian market, you can find lot of affordable things and lighted things to bring it home as a gift for your relatives, friends and more… Moreover; The Russian Market, it can be called or better known as theTuol Tom Poung Market “in Cambodian”. The russian is kind of the popular for the local buyers and mixed with expats caused there were a lot of Russian expats went to there, after the topple of Khmer Rough. Khmer Rough or well known as Democratic Kapuchea was a group of  small Cambodian people who occupied and led the country of Cambodia from April 17 1975 till January 07 1979.