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Are you looking Siem Reap town and Siem Reap province is one of the provinces in Cambodia, located is at the northeast of Cambodia and the province is full of ancient complex temples. The town has a lot of things to do/to explore while your visiting in the town.g for a very professional English Speaking tour guide to around temples around Siem Reap, please come straight to me. My name is Raksa Lor, please call me Raksa, I began the speaking tour guide job since 2007

And if you would like to make your trips are pleasured and go deeper in Cambodian cultures, please don’t forget our English Speaking Tour Guide group in Siem Reap. We are one of the oustanding and professional English speaking tour gudie and licensed groups in Siem Reap and come along with long years experienced in the job, your holiday destinations in Cambodia will be filfull of joyful. On the other hand, based on the long years experienced, we have ever never made our valuable clients are disappionted so there are  the evidents of our main key successes in the job as Private English Speaking tour guide to Siem Reap ofCambodia.

If you are looking for a personal English Speaking Guide, please don’t go away from us/consider of us.

The benifits of hiring a Private and licensed English Speaking tour Guide to Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia for your personal vocation around Siem Reap of Cambodia are: Allows you to make face to face conversations and questions at all times, if you would like to pause for while for interrogations. You can set up on your options like, what time would you to start the tours and what time would you like to quick your own tours.

Dear Valuable Customers, my name is Raksa, I am one the members of Cambodia Tour Guides and my resident is Siem Reap where the millions of tourists has been visited from year to year.

Nowadays, I am also a self-employed as a long year and experienced English Speaking Guide in Siem Reap town. Therefor, if you would like to make a personal holiday with private English Speaking Guide, please turn me in your holiday.

Please fell free contact our team for your vocation around Siem Reap and Cambodia: +85589797079 [email protected]