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The ONE BIG Difference That Separates Us from Other Tour Companies is This…


We Know What You Want.

You DON’Twant to sit on a hot bus for hoursbetween destinations.

You DON’Twant a tour guide who’s moody and negative.

You DON’T want to spend your hard earnedmoney to sit around bored for 90% of your trip!

You DOwant to learn interesting facts and ancient secrets about the history of Cambodia.

You DOwant the guarantee of a tour guide who’s:







You DO want to get local experience of people, places and customs that NO ONE outside of the tour gets to experience.

You DO want your tour guide to handle everything so all you have to do is show up and have fun!

And lastly

You DO want safety for yourself and your belongings.

With Wow Cambodia Tours…

We GUARANTEE you will get all of this.


Only one question remains…


Where Do You Want To Go?


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Angkor Wat


“So you’re thinking of going to Angkor Wat?”

A question you could ask to all the 13.93 Million tourists that entered Cambodia last year…

And got 13.93 Million “Yes’s” in return.

I’m almost certain you know about Angkor Wat

So I’ve written a FREE history lesson to strengthen your knowledge on it!

It’s right here on the website.

Just Click here and follow this link to the Angkor Wat Tour Page!

P.S.– (Don’t worry I’ve also got all the tours listed there if you just want to check those out.)

Phnom Penh


It’s not easy to find the information you want about Cambodia online

At least that is what my customers told me…

This made me think:

“How Can I Help You, Before You Even Get to Cambodia?”

So I went and created:

A List of The 7 Biggest Reasons YOU Need to Tour Phnom Penh During Your Time in Cambodia!


Have a look at the page by clicking the link above!


Long Term Tours


If YOU want the absolute most from your time in Cambodia…

If YOUwant the wildest stories to take home when your trip is over…

If YOUwant to go beyond surface tourism and delve into the wild heart of Cambodia….

Then allow me to introduce our Long Term Tours.

Just Click this link to see the IMMENSE experience you can get from taking part in our most highly rated tour offer!

Seaside Tours


How about a swim at the tropicalCambodian coastline?

These Tours are for a special kind of person…

Maybe you are one of them.

I’ll just ask some questions…

Do you like chilling out underneath palm trees on white sand beaches?

Do you like snorkeling in tropical blue waters?

Or maybe you enjoy island hopping and swimming under jungle waterfalls?

If you do like any of those, click here to go have a look at everything else you’ll do on the Seaside Tour


P.S.- (This one’s for the real Outer BanksFans!)


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Why Choose Us “Wow Cambodia Tour”


Whether you want to wander the forest in search of lost temples in Angkor Wat, modern Cambodia cities learn how to make pottery in Battambang, tour the countryside on bicycle, or spend your day on a pristine beach, our tours are designed to show you the real Cambodia


Our custom tailored tours will provide you with the best value for the money, whether your a backpacker on a shoe-string budget or on holiday our English speaking guides will craft a custom package to suit your needs.



Our tours were crafted to provide you with a truly unique Cambodian experience Our locations are hand picked by locals to give you a glimpse of all the beauty this country has to offer.